January 2002

01.30.02 Imagine my surprise to wake up in the morning and find that Iran, who the U.S. had recently been developing good relations with is now part of the "Axis of Evil". Where the hell did that come from? We've had some serious problems with Iran since their revolution in 1979 and there are still some problems, but it's obvious from developments there in the last 5 years that the people of Iran want to distance themselves from Islamist extremism and have a fully democratic government - at least as much, if not more than the people of freakin' China. I guess Iran's not as open to kissing the asses of The Smirking Chimp's energy industry buddies as the Chinese Comunist Party.

01.27.02 I Finally decided to see what the hell had been clogging up the sink in the bathroom. I removed the grease-trap-pipe-thing and pulled out a greenish-gray mass of compacted hair and unidentifiable shit that looked like a six-inch long skinny haggis*!!! My God!!! I will never eat again.

01.25.02 Yippie-Tie-One-On! Hello Kitty for adult male Kittylers is back online! I like Hello Kitty as much as the next guy, but this guy likes Hello Kitty so much he coined a term for people like him. Check it out if only to read "Praying for Hello Kitty".

01.24.02 In another ironic case of art imitating life, Rapper C-Murder was arrested and charged with... wait for it... murder. Couldn't see that one coming.

01.23.02 I just had my 36th birthday this last week. The big 3-6! It's all downhill from here! I can't wait to pull the first 4 inch hair out of my back. My wife got me a supercool, bigass ™ Ghurkha Knife from Himalayan Imports, which is a nice mom n' pop Nepali-owned and operated company. Check 'em out Bubba.

*A Haggis is - according to my best intelligence sources ( the movie Highlander ) "...sheeps stomach stuffed with liver and barley." Mel Gibson apparently thinks haggis is delicious but he was the guy who ate dogfood in The Roadwarrior so who's he trying to kid?


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