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Mr. T's Socratic Dialogue and Ass-whuppin' Archive

What do you get when you cross Mr. T with the Hegelian Dialectic? My short-lived attempt at doing a regular web-feature.

episode1: Mr. T vs. Ayn Rand episode4: Mr. T vs. Jean Paul Sartre Part III
episode2: Mr. T vs. Jean Paul Sartre episode5: Mr. T and Sgt. Rock Kick the Crap Out of Holocaust Revisionism
episode3: Mr. T vs. Jean Paul Sartre Part II episode6: Mr. T vs. the World Trade Organization, a Greek Tragedy in One Act

The Saint Morphine Archive

Back in the day (1992-93), when I had my first email account I spent alot of my time online posting random insane rants to alt.smoulderingdogzone and alt.slack under the nom de plume of Saint Morphine. Then I got a real job and couldn't do shit like that anymore. Thanks to Google's Usenet Archives I'm now able to present to you the best of this insanity. Now with new lemon-fresh-scent hyperlinks!

Liquid Gummi-Bear I.V. Drip Re: Dinosaur Controversy Re: Too bad Elvis
Three-Way Revelation 2:16 Watch TV Tonight! Barney is a Purple Herring
Cats. Mmm, mmm, Good God's brain: Apologies Re: Who is Barney?
New Kid's Show Idea Re: The many teeth of "God" The Alien Fish-Men/Papal/Knights of Malta Conspiracy
The Ultimate Secret The Divine Elvis Barney Got Back!

My Peoples and Good Folks Who've Linked To Me

- Lynda E. Rucker is a good friend and a damn good writer to boot. Visit her site so you can say you knew who she was before she got famous.

- Nightmare Town is the site for Lynda's husband Derek, also a good friend. In it he reviews film, books, and music from the dark side of the street. Check him out the next time you hate the world and want a movie or book to match your mood.

- My buddy MiK is the host for SLN, and has two websites of his own - Lack of Talent, his fu'd up indie music projects, and his Livejournal, Fist of Khonshu. He is also the inventor of the phrase "JESUS H. TITS PALOMINO!"

- Patrick and Heather's website. Patrick is a member of my old Jersey crew and a refined gastronome of monkey brains. He and his Better Half have very cute cats too.

- Bonnie Burton's Grrl. Bonnie is an honest to God blogging celebrity and was kind enough to give SLN a boost in its infancy, when I was able to identify the artist of a psych textbook she picked up on Ebay. The interweb is indeed a mysterious and wond'rous thing.

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